Nuenergy, Inc. - Since 1993, The Best Source for Design & Engineering Independent Assessment, Innovative Solutions, and Advanced Engineering Training for the Nuclear Power Industry.

We take pride in using every activity as a mentoring opportunity.


Notable Activities

Support of industry self-assessment and inspection activities for NRC Engineering Inspections, including the most recent Design Basis Assurance Inspections (DBAI)

Support of NRC’s Engineering Design Verification (EDV) Inspection of AP1000

Independent oversight of critical activities for US and International NPPs

Development and Implementation of Risk-Informed Safety Systems Functional Assessments (SSFA)

Development and Implementation of Review/Reconstitution of Calculations


Primary Services

Design and Engineering Inspections/Assessments

  • Existing Nuclear Power Plants and Facilities
  • New Reactor Licensing & Construction

Advanced Engineering Training

  • DLB Fundamentals & The Art of Design Review
  • The Art of Calculations

Specialty Projects

  • Design Basis Fidelity
  • Fidelity of Operation with Respect to the Design Basis
  • Application of Regulations and Licensing Basis to Design, Operation, and Maintenance
  • Application of the Single Failure Criterion

Key Personnel

Robert M. Berryman
Kenneth Johnson
Victor P. Ferrarini
Gabor Salamon
John Fuoto

Michael Shlyamberg
Harold E. Epstein
James M. Leivo
Mark Bowman
Walt Rogers