U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

  • Support of Team Inspections of Existing Plants and Review of New Reactor COL Applications
  • Support of Engineering Design Verification (EDV) Inspection of AP1000

U.S. Department of Energy

  • Office of Health, Safety and Security – Support of assessment activities.  Review of facility documents vs. requirements of 10CFR830, Implementation of Graded Approach, DOE Orders
  • DOE’s Post Fukushima Safety Bulletin 2011-1, Events Beyond Design Safety Basis Analysis – Contributor
  • Office of Safety Regulations of the River Protection Project Waste Treatment Plant – Support of Oversight Review of Vitrification Facility

International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna

  • Workshop on the use of Vertical Slice Methodology – Development and Presentation
  • Technical Meeting on Design Review Process to Support Expansion and New NPP Programme – Chair of a Panel Session

Westinghouse Electric Company

  • Technical Leadership of QA Audit of Design Control for AP1000

Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF) – Development Bank of Latin America

  • Embalse, Argentina: Team Leadership of two Lender’s Refurbishment Assessments

Southern Nuclear Company

  • Independent Assessment of:
    • Fuel and Probability Risk Assessment Departments
    • Modification Process Improvement Initiative 
    • Hatch, Vogtle & Farley: Support of CDBI/DBAI Self-Assessments and Inspection Support
    • Farley: Support of Risk-Informed Service Water SSFA
  • DLB & The Art of Design Review Training

Tennessee Valley Authority

  • Browns Ferry, Sequoyah, Watts Bar: Support of CDBI Self-Assessments and Inspection Support
    • Watts Bar: Independent Oversight of High Pressure Turbine Modification
    • Browns Ferry: Support of 95003 Activities
    • Bellefonte: Deferred Status Assessment
  • Watts Bar: DLB & The Art of Design Review Training

Omaha Public Power District

  • Support of Restart
  • Independent Oversight of Design and Licensing Basis Reconstitution Project


  • Pilgrim, Indian Point 3, Fitz Patrick, and White Plains: Support of Self-Assessment of Engineering Programs
  • River Bend:
    • Support of Self-Assessment of a Number of Safety Related Systems
    • Calculation Review Project Based on the Nuenergy Developed Methodology
  • ANO:
    • Support of Self-Assessment of Service Water System
    • Support of 95003 Activities
  • Grand Gulf: DLB & The Art of Design Review Training


  • Oconee:
    • Support of Comprehensive Design, Licensing & Operational Review Project for Oconee’s Standby Shutdown Facility (SSF)
    • Keowee (hydro powered emergency power supply) reliability study.
  • Catawba, Performed self-assessment of closed cooling water system for QA department.


  • Support of Self-Assessment Activities
  • Independent UHS Assessment
  • Fitz Patrick: DLB & The Art of Design Review Training

American Electric Power

  • Support of Restart
  • Support of Self-Assessment Activities